The Medieval Banquet And Feast, By Apex Catering

What we offer is an authentic Medieval Banquet, accurately recreated, using recipes and dining protocols that have been recorded in history. This is a perfect event for a very special Christmas, or other special occasion. We work in consultation with to provide authentic menus and dishes from the medieval period. Historical Foods redact and translate authentic recipes faithfully.

Photo Medieval Banquet And Feast By Apex Catering


We make the food and atmosphere as authentic as possible: unlike nearly every other company we do not offer our food as a Medieval theme, but historically accurate food as a Medieval feast. Your guests are welcomed and the start and the banquet is announced (when you have requested it). Wenches or serving men will serve the starter to each guest and then the following courses are brought to table on large wooden serving boards from which guests help themselves. Our servers will help serve, carve and clean the table at each remove. For these courses, traditional bread trenchours (edible plates) on wooden platters and a dagger are used, but cutlery and/or crockery can be supplied if desired.

A Remove is served to cleanse the palette while the tables are cleaned between courses of the banquet or feast. This is also a good time for entertainment (entremet) like musicians, the court fool and jugglers etc. Although there will be plenty of food, each course will be portioned appropriately leaving enough room for each of the next courses to be sampled, reducing the duties of the almoner, although coming back for seconds is encouraged! A Subtylte is a dish that is surprising in some way, the way it looks or the ingredients used in it, it is never as it seems, something to bring a wonderful spectacle to your guests. They were commonly ornamental scenes made of sugar, marzipan or wax, but not exclusively, and we have used the title to include all foods of ornament, spectacle and surprise.

Options & Prices
: We provide all the food, kitchen staff and table equipment for the banquet - all serving staff requirements are calculated as an extra cost, depending upon the number of your guests. Normally you provide the venue or marquee, and the Medieval entertainments - or you can leave it all to us to sort out, please ask our events manager for details. With three levels of banquet offered, each increasing in cost and scale, both in terms of the authentic food and the ingredients needed to be prepared by our chefs. At Apex Catering we do not offer a theme, this is an experience, historically accurate and authentic.

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