The aim of Apex is simple: to provide fresh in season, local produce whenever possible. We grow much of the salad, herbs and vegetable crops ourselves on our own Market Garden Farm and our meats are sourced locally. We therefore offer a high quality service, based on the best locally sourced produce, which is cooked to exacting standards, using knowledge gained from over thirty years in event catering. If you are planning a BBQ then call in the experts, and enjoy and socialise at your own party!

Please see the options and prices below to decide on what you would like served at your BBQ - we can create a practical menu option for your event, guest numbers, dietary requirements, and importantly your budget.

APEX BBQ VIDEO - We are capable of catering for clients who wish to have a professional BBQ, this is a video of a small BBQ we catered for - however we are very capable of providing a BBQ for up to 1,000 people with our larger BBQ units and more staff at company open days etc. We do up to four or five large corporate events like these a year, but in summer most of our clients request something for around 100 to 200 people.

This video is a promotional video of our capabilities in catering for a professional BBQ, and shows our ability to cater for any event size and brief by the client, with local sourced produce and our own market garden vegetables and salads.

Press Play And Fullscreen to watch.


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How It Is Done

Don't try to do it all yourself, call in the experts and enjoy and socialise at your own party! On the day of the event we arrive at your specified location an hour in advance of serving time. Ideally, we need a 3' wide entrance for the barbecue.

BBQ Set Up

The number of bbq units brought to your event would be chosen as being suitable for the amount of guests and the quantity of foods needing to be served. We allow staff for 1 Hour of setting up and 2 Hours for cooking and serving. For our own use we bring tables with coverings, and have flexible rain proof equipment and covers for our outside areas and events.

Deciding Your Menu.

From our barbecued foods list, you can create your own menu and the portions of each item required.

If operating on a fixed budget for large numbers or working within our minimum charge, we can assist in making your Barbecue special for your guests.

BBQ Photo 2 Barbecue


Options & Prices For An Apex BBQ

DIETARY REQUIREMENTS: If there is anything that does not quite fit in with your brief, in terms of numbers at your event or set menus; or needing 'Free-From', 'Dairy-Free' or 'Vegan' special dietary options etc. - then please ring us - we are more than happy to receive a phone call to discuss anything, and we are flexible on mixing options to work out an individual event brief for you.

We would like you to know we are fully insured on all jobs, and are also capable of providing a risk assessment and copies of all certificates should you require it as a corporate client. In terms of price, very few other Barbecuing companies publish their prices, and are vague when you try to pin them down to what you are actually getting, (many of them simply never match up to our standards) we are proud of what we do; and with the level of our experience, service, and the quality of food we supply, we feel we are very competitively priced.

These prices reflect the start of this season, however, prices may be subject to change. It may become necessary to review and revise the quote should (a) your event brief alter or (b) should a large unexpected increase in raw food prices or fuel costs occur.


Our Barbecue Menu & Price List

An extensive selection of items for you to choose from.
Local in season produce used whenever available.

price per
1 Speciality 100% 1/4 Beef Burger £3.20
2 100% 1/4 Beef Burger £3.00
3 80% 1/4 Beef Burger £2.60
4 Speciality Beef & Lamb Sausage £2.60
5 Jumbo Sausage
6 Whole Chicken Breast Burger £3.00
7 Speciality Chicken Kebab £4.00
8 Spiced Lamb Kofta Kebab £4.00
9 1/4 Roast Chicken £4.00
9 Pork Chops (x2) £4.50
10 Sticky Spare Ribs £4.50
11 Pulled Pork Bun £3.50
12 Tuna Steak £6.00
13 Salmon Steak £7.00
14 Whole Trout £6.00
15 Tandoori Boneless Chicken Thigh (x2) £4.00
16 Marinaded Chicken Drumsticks (x2) £3.80
17 Spicy Chicken Wings (5) £3.60
18 Chicken Curry & Rice £4.50
19 Hot Chilli & Rice £4.50

Vegetarian Options

Please ask about our 'Free-From' and 'Vegan' range of options
20 Seasonal Mixed Roast Vegetables £3.80
21 Spicy Bean Burger £3.00
22 Quorn Sausages (x2) £3.00
23 Vegetarian Curry or Chilli with rice £4.50

Extra or Side Portions:

24 Large Jacket Potato & Butter £2.00
25 Hot or Cold Buttered Salad Potatoes £2.00
26 Potato Salad and Ham & Pineapple Pasta £2.50
27 Mixed Salad with Coleslaw & Savoury Rice £2.50
28 Garlic Baguette Wedges £2.00
29 1 Large Plain or Garlic Naan Bread £1.80
30 2 Small Plain or Garlic Naan Bread £1.80
31 Fresh Fruit Salad & Cream £4.50

Price includes :
Bread Selection - French Stick Wedges, Hot Dog Rolls, Burger Buns, Pitta Bread.
Fried Onions, selection of Dips, Sauces and Chutney.
Disposable plates, cutlery and napkins. Biodegradables or China on request.
Commercial Gas Barbecue plus Chef/Assistant to cook & serve.
The usual timing is 1 hour for set up and 2 hours serving.

Larger Events. Serving time can be extended by prior arrangement. Additional staff may be
required to ensure smooth running of your function.

NOTE: Minimum Cost: £450.00.
No transport cost within 5 mile radius.

These prices reflect the start of this season, however, prices may be subject to change. It may become necessary to review and revise the quote should (a) your event brief alter or (b) should a large unexpected increase in raw food prices or fuel costs occur. Please contact us for more information on our terms and conditions.